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Jul 28, 2015
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Hi everyone!

I've had a mostly unused PCF ID from back in the day, usually lurking and not posting. I remember back in the CT days hardly going a day without checking in :)

I'm more of a chip collector than chip set/poker player (though on and off with both over the years), but did pick up a playable CDI set back in the Paulson retail store days.

Anyway, I recently (re)discovered this forum and have enjoyed catching up on the posts. So, I thought I'd (officially) say hello.

Here's some eye candy. Thanks for letting me share :) .


Beautiful CDI set there, they were my first love. If you ever wanna play a home game, let me know, I host in Tooele and occasionally play in a game in Cottonwood Heights. I go up to Boise sometimes because Josh lures me with promises of favors and pretty chips. It's always a good time.
Hello and welcome!

Those red inlay chips are really collectors items and worth quite a bit of money.
Thanks for the welcome!

Yes, I'm the guy that you may have heard rumors of that picked up (and sold off most of) the box of the $10 CDI chips back in 2004. I was lucky enough to snag a $100 over the years as well, and am forever on the lookout for the $50, $500, and 6 roulettes (well, any that haven't been cut in half and glued to a collector card :) )

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