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Mar 20, 2020
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New guy here checking in from the PNW. Social distancing provides a lot of time to review sample sets and mock up designs! Was a member way back when at CT, but I haven’t been around in a bit. Will be looking for a designer for either ABC or Sunfly customs very soon. Thanks for having me.
If you haven't been around in a while you may not be aware ABC now owns Nevada Jacks (,, and The latter has a pretty comprehensive listing of all they offer.

Welcome back :tup:
Hello and welcome! PNW here too. Great community here. Enjoy the ride.
Hello and welcome back!

I would highly recommend @ABC Gifts and Awards , especially if you want to go full customization.

That's a great idea. They have a discount code that you can't get on BRProPoker even though they're owned by the same company =) It basically just covers the sales tax but still money is money =)
I own a set of Nevada Jacks, Tiki Kings, and The Mint. I like the Nevada Jacks the most. They’re more slick that the other two and some people don’t like that but they’re so simple to shuffle. Can’t go wrong with the other two either.

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