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Mar 26, 2013
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Wilmington, DE
Key West Resort & Casino introduces its newest Key West table game accessory:

Plaque on Table.jpg

The Key West is proud to offer our newest table game accessory for your home table: a ceramic $100,000 tournament plaque from BR Pro Poker.

Plaque Stats Image Final.png
Plaque Stack Height Casino Background.png

Dimensions: 85 mm (3.34 inches) x 53 mm (2.08 inches), with rounded corners (slightly smaller than a playing card.) Thickness: 3.5 mm
Weight: 1.2 ounces each
Material: Ceramic
Finish: Matte

PCF member price: $6 @, plus shipping (The price per plaque considers production cost, packaging and transaction fees.)
PCF quantity disc
ount: $5.75@ for 10 or more, plus shipping

Our new ceramic poker tournament plaque is slightly smaller than a playing card. It features a full-bleed image of the Key West lighthouse and a double palm tree along with the casino name in its signature font. The image includes muted background tones of peach and sky blue. Each plaque carries a unique permanent serial number on one side starting with number 1001. The same image is imprinted on both sides of the plaque, and the serial number appears on only the front side.

The plaques are 3.5 mm thick, and approximate the height of a Classic Poker Chip.

The plaques were manufactured for us by BR Pro Poker (ABC), known here for their exceptional quality We did a small initial run of serialized plaques, which we'll be offering exclusively here on Poker Chip Forum. They won't be available on the Key West site until 2022.


I've considered doing a plaque for some time, and toyed with various traditional designs -- a solid plaque with a marbled look, a casino logo and a denomination, and the like.

With these plaques, I really wanted to create something different and instantly recognizable as "Key West." The gold color is unique and slightly different from any of the chip colors, but fits well, I think, with the high-end Key West chip colors. I also wanted to include the Key West spade, by J5, in one corner to have a distinct image when spreading and counting a stack on the table. Adding a unique serial number to each plaque was an extra offered by BR Pro Poker that I really like.


Available to ship now. To order plaques, PM me here on PCF. If you're not ready to order right now but would like some plaques in the future, please post here, as it will let me know if and when to do subsequent orders.


1 or 2 plaques ship to a U.S. address via First Class mail for $4.45 for the package.
3 or 4 plaques ship to a U.S. address via First Class Mail for $5.50 for the package
5 or more plaques will ship via insured USPS small flat rate box for $8.45


You don't have to own any Key West chips, cards or other things to buy plaques.
Insurance is optional but recommended.
If you receive your plaques and don't like them, you can return them for a refund. Shipping can't be refunded.
For PCF members outside the U.S., PM for a shipping estimate based on the number you order.
Questions? PM dennis63 here on PCF
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I must add a "thank you" to Kristil and everyone at BR Pro Poker. They were prompt, helpful and easy to work with on this project. Payment to delivery was exactly two weeks -- faster than expected, and the in-person images are better than the photos.
Great add-on Dennis, hope you and yours are well.
Any word about the CPC order of 'one time' charcoal twenties ?

Grts Thomas
Thank you, sir!

No, nothing yet on Key West production. I know in December, 2020, David said he expected the H mold to be in production in "the first part" of 2021. Right now, I'm patiently waiting. The order contains 300 of the charcoal $20s.
There are no current plans to add any denominated plaques.

I love how these turned out. During the planning for these, I envisioned a very unique plaque that really reflected the Key West theme. The design came out well, and BR Pro Poker did their usual amazing job in bringing the design into the real world. So we made a few hundred of them.

To date, we've sold exactly 10 plaques in two years.

The good news there is we have them available for sale if anyone is interested, but there has been very little interest in the plaques among our small group of chip enthusiasts. Adding any new denominatoins of plaques would make no sense. We have chips for smaller denoninations, and the $100,000 plaque may be too high a denomination for use in even large tournaments hosted by our poker players here.
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