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Nov 7, 2014
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Northern NJ and NY/Long Island Areas
For Early Immediate Release:

April 1 2017 - Gordon Ramsay, renowned chef & Casino Restaurant owner, and the former owners of ASM Las Vegas, have teamed up, to announced their new company, MBCPC LLc. ( Molded Baked Clay Poker Chips).

" With our new proprietary wooden molds, clay formula, and oven-compression process, we are able to make casino quality chips at a more affordable price, thanks to my friggin expert knowledge of ovens and tenderizing mallets" ... , said Mr. Ramsay. "We also bake the required metal slug right in!

They will also be offering an additional service:
Ramsay says, " Want to make your existing shitty Paulson or CPC chips almost as good as ours?" We will be soon offering metal slug insertion services for both CPC and Paulson Chips".

Similar to slicing a cake lengthwise, MBCPC will cut open your existing chips, mill out the center, & add your choice of an iron or tin slug, & glue it back together, for that official weight and clanky sound Paulson and CPC chips are missing..
" We can also, of course,mill off that real fuckin' Paulson inlay, and put a sticker on the chip at the same time" .. adds Mr. Ramsay.

Production is expected to start in the Rottville, NV. factory within 2 weeks.
For more information, visit the MBCPC LLc. Press Release Website :

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Yeah shot your wad too quickly :)

Definitely some alternative facts in this article.
Will they come in flavors as well as denominations? They look yummy!

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