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Dec 15, 2022
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I've done a new design for the 43 mm custom ceramic I'm thinking of getting from Much happier with this design but would be great to hear your feeback as well.

I'm thinking of skipping "KR" since that can allow for using 25 and 100 if we at some time would play higher stake cash game.

poker chips final 2.png

Btw, does anyone have experience of the custom ceramics from I will get samples but would be interesting to hear other experiences as well.
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Very similar to Apache's Royal card room line, especially the tourney set.

But these are China clay, not ceramic. Still a very nice chip.
The "AK" in your background is unlikely to appear when printed. In my experience, dye sublimation (which is how ceramics are printed) has issues with black ink, it tends to "bleed" and fill in subtle details. How much you need to lighten the AK is uncertain, see if you can get samples of your artwork printed on a chip before it goes to full production.
Good luck!
I've got samples for the Royals and they are fantastic so I will get them. Thanks :)

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