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Jun 4, 2020
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8-chip New China Club cards mold tribute sample sets (20 sets available)
Price: $3.50 plus shipping (see below)


THIS IS A DIBS SALE. Post dibs in the thread and wait for a PM from me. However, for the first 72 hours, 5 of the 20 sets will be reserved for new members with less 3 months since their join date or under 35 posts.

Shipping costs (in a bubble mailer, no tracking or insurance, at buyers risk):
  • to Canada: $3.50
  • to the United States: $5
  • outside Canada and the United States: $11
I'm also happy to combine shipping with any of my other ongoing sales/auctions, and am also happy to purchase tracking or insurance at your expense, post dibs first and PM for shipping quote.

IMPORTANT, please read:
  • These chips were not purchased through NCC group buy, but rather a custom art group buy. These chips were made by Anita's manufacturer, and have matte rolling edges. The colors may not be the same as the chips in the NCC group buy, but I don't have any of those to compare with.
  • Due to factory error, the $5 and $25 chips do not have different designs on both sides. The $1 chip is the only chip with two different sides. The 50c chip seems to have slightly bolder text, again due to factory error.
  • Shipping outside of Canada is slow! It may take up a month or two to arrive.

Dibs so far:
  1. @JesterTX [PAID]
  2. @NotABot [PAID]
  3. @12thMan [PAID]
  4. @grantc54 [PAID]
  5. @Jonstro [PAID]
  6. @Squakmix [PAID] [NEW MEMBER]
  7. @davislane @dvdestbn [PAID] [NEW MEMBER]
  8. @toothpic [PAID]
  9. @lrapley [PAID]
  10. @CdnBeerLover [PAID]
  11. @Firmat [PAID] [NEW MEMBER]
  12. @neobit [PAID] [NEW MEMBER]
  13. @KuroOkami [PAID] [NEW MEMBER]
  14. @Marhault [PAID]
  15. @Easylife [PAID]
  16. @ES_Threeper [PAID]
  17. @ceramicmike [PAID]
  18. @JL19 [PAID] [NEW MEMBER]
  19. @LS979 [PAID] [NEW MEMBER]
  20. @echoseven [PAID]
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I've started sending PMs, but I forgot there's a required 2 minute wait between sending PMs, so it'll be slow. Everyone should get one in the next 20 minutes or so.
Sorry for the delay everyone. We now have exactly 20 dibs, so everyone who's called dibs so far makes the cut, including @davislane if he still wants one, but all the sets are now accounted for.
Happy to leave mine for another new member if one comes along otherwise Ill honour my dibs
Ok, PMs have been sent to everyone. If I missed someone, I apologize, just send me a PM.
I intentionally left these for others since I already have a lot of cards mold chips. But I don't have any from Anita, so if anyone backs out or changes their mind and you end up with one left over, I'll be happy to take it.
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