New at the Key West: Professional 12-row locking dealer trays


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Mar 26, 2013
Wilmington, DE
The Key West Resort & Casino
is now offering:


Our dealer trays hold up to 720 chips and come in hammered gold (left), or hammered platinum.

Our newest items are these 12-row dealer trays with locking lids.

We use one of these trays in our real Key West blackjack table. Each tray has 12 barrels. You can easily fit 60 chips in each barrel with lammers between each stack of 20, and there's enough space at the top of the stack to easily pull chips out.

The trays are solid, heavy-duty aluminum with clear acrylic secured in the lid. They're identical to the trays used in casinos, and come with locking lids and two keys. Unlock the lid and the top comes completely off so that the tray is flush with your table top.

They are perfect for your poker or blackjack table build, or to replace a 12-row plastic tray to add a more professional look to your table.

The offer:
Each 12-row locking dealer tray sells for $179 plus shipping. If you are a Poker Chip Forum member and buy one in the month of March, we'll ship it to your U.S. address for $1.

We recommend that you cut your tray hole after you receive your tray. Both trays measure 24" x 9" x 3" deep. The cutout for the gold tray is 21.5" x 8.5." The cutout for the platinum tray is 20.25" x 8.5."

I was quickly able to tweak the color of the gold tray to match gold in the Key West's blackjack table. The texture of the hammered aluminum was easy to spray paint after covering and taping the acrylic window in the lid.

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