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Mar 23, 2013
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I picked up an extra rack of T-5000 (not shown) that I may re-label as cash quarters.
Nice looking chips! I like the 5's and 1k's the best
Thanks. I bought extra for re-label purposes since they all have Stardust pressed into the rim of the chip. The coral T-100 and most of the $5s and T-25s look brand new. The other are really mint which surprised me because of how dirty they are. Edges are really sharp.
Those light-coloured T100s are very close to the T500s, aren't they? That's the only real flaw, though...otherwise, those chips are beautiful. Nicely done, Tommy!
Not as close as I originally thought. I plan on using the blue T100s, but might label the coral T100s as T 10k chips. The T 500 probably wouldn't be in play when they come out. Just the T1k, T5k, and T10k chips.

I may make them 10c chips too when I label some 25c chips. Still thinking about it.

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Got them in play tonight. Using the T25 as quarters for now.



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three nines vs full house... ouch, it hurts a bit ?!
the T25 chip works well
I was surprised the pot wasn't bigger. Lucky for me. :) Glad the flop wasn't 9 9 K.

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