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Apr 13, 2015
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Minneapolis, MN
I'm making a sign with common poker rules for the corner of my basement, based partially on @Mr Tree 's single page Hitching Post rules. @palindrome is helping with this, but I need to provide a formatted file to the printer (using software I don't have). Ideally, this would be in Adobe Creative Suite software but they able to convert just about any file format into something usable. So Illustrator, Photoshop, or PDF files are probably fine as well.

Anybody have a few minutes to bang this out and send me a file? It's just the information below, formatted nicely to a 22" x 11" area to maximize the legibility. I don't want to be a rules Nazi, but I do want to have a reference for new guests to review on their own if they have basic questions. Thanks in advance for the help!

If there is enough interest, I might do a group buy if the cost and work are reasonable. I know @detroitdad was interested already. @chase , @AllinBallin ? Just post below if you are interested. No promises, but I might give it a go. Note that the size was also selected to fit a Large USPS flat rate game box, while also not in-your-face annoying.

House Rules
  1. This game is for fun, not just about money. Only play with what you can afford to lose.

  2. All chips must be purchased from the house. Please bring small bills. The rebuy is capped at the initial buy-in, or half the big stack in play. Amounts less than a dollar are rounded down at cash-out.

  3. In cash games, you may not remove any portion of your buy-in or winnings from the table.

  4. Higher denomination chips must be easily viewable by everyone at the table (i.e., in front / on top).

  5. Protect your hand at all times (e.g., use a card protector). This includes not mucking your hand until the dealer awards the pot to a specific player at showdown.

  6. One player to a hand. No sharing live or folded hands, and don’t dig in the muck. Refrain from comments on a hand in play. You may discuss a hand only if you are heads-up with only one player.

  7. Don’t splash the pot. Players should keep bets in front of them until the end of action for that round of betting. Change will be made at the end of action, then chips will be pushed into the pot.

  8. For split pots, players should confirm payouts from the dealer before chips are taken from any side pots or main pot. Put chips in the pot, then do the split. Avoid doing splitting math in your head.

  9. If you throw a single chip into the pot without first announcing a raise, then you have called. Change should be made at the end of the action for any round of betting.

  10. Please act in turn, as Folding, Checking, or Betting out of turn can affect the other players in the hand. 4 bet max (i.e., Bet—Raise—ReRaise—Cap) unless players are heads-up prior to the beginning of a betting round, in which case the number of bets is uncapped.

  11. Verbal bets are binding, and no string betting. Any verbal bet starting with “I see/call your bet, and XXX” is a call. If you want to raise, start with “Raise”. A single forward motion of chips in the pot is binding. Cut your chips before moving a stack toward the pot, else you are betting the stack.

  12. Out-of-turn action is binding, unless a player sitting before that action changes it with a bet or raise.

  13. Cards speak. The pot will be awarded to the best shown hand, even if a player misreads the hand.

  14. If you show one person your cards, you must show all at end of play. This includes shown folds.

  15. Shuffle behind the button. Someone who didn’t shuffle the deck must always cut the deck with a single hand. Keep all cards on the table, and in view of all players at all times. If you notice a damaged or unusual card, please call the house for replacement.

  16. Don’t pre-deal hands, as the burn cards protect the players. Don’t rearrange cards or announce possible hands. Keep the Flop, Turn, and River in order, so players can reconstruct the hand.

  17. The clock may be called on any player who has taken more than 2 minutes to make a decision. The host will give the player an additional 2 minutes to announce/make a decision, else their hand is folded. Please avoid slow play. Repeated delaying of the game is not allowed.

  18. If the house provides food/drink, throwing in a few bucks to help is appreciated. There is no rake.

  19. No smoking inside, take it outside and use a can for an ashtray. Keep it legal.

  20. If any situation outside of these limited rules arises, Robert’s Rules of Poker will be used to make a decision. A copy is kept on site, and house interpretations / decisions / exceptions that are made to preserve the best interests of the game are final. If the house is involved in a dispute, a non-partisan party will be chosen to make a ruling (ideally announced in advance).
Please respect the players, the house, and the game. Failure to do so or to follow these rules will result in your ejection and exclusion from future events.
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Love it!!!

Except the first half of #2, but that is more than fine as well. I always have plenty of ones and fives on hand (usually to many). Otherwise great work sir.
My entire life, I've always used 2 decks and shuffled ahead, as did every host at every self-dealt game I ever played. Wasn't until I was exposed to CT/PCF when I realized that shuffling behind was an actual thing.
You may discuss a hand only if you are heads-up with only one player.

Heads up is with only one player. Do you mean I can discuss my hand with someone else not in the hand?
Like dis?

This one's mine:

RR house rules.jpg


  • House rules.pdf
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