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Oct 31, 2014
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Numbers for drawing Ohio Pick 4 link here


Small change. We will not be using the pick 3, the pick 4 numbers worked out better. Again. This drawing is for the EVENING of June 21, NOT THE MORNING DRAWING.


Drawing numbers.GIF



I've done this a couple times on the blue wall site.

Over time I've acquired a lot of poker stuff that I really don't need. So I'm raffling off these chips to the community.

What's in the Mystery Box?

Well that's the mystery! There are couple of pictures of the lot. I won't go into detail about what you see there. However, everything in the pic will be in the box. There will also be stretch or add-on bonus for each $100 that goes into the box. The stretch goals will be disclosed before any entries are sold.

$100 STRETCH GOAL - Stack of Snappers

$200 STRETCH GOAL - 1 Dozen sealed paper cards from Hard Rock ABQ, and a Stardust Mansion Tourney Sample

$300 STRETCH GOAL - 6 Fournier Double setups, $25 El San Juan chip, $20 Ritz Carlton Chip

$400 STRETCH GOAL - Nearly 300 HORSE HEAD LEFT DOC'S chips. These are in rough condition, but I was getting between $25-$35 for a sample set. Most stamps are worn down, the used the best chips I could find for the photo.

$500 STRETCH GOAL - $160+ Tropicana 3rd and No Cash Value Chips. These chips are warped to some degree, some are really bad, some are barely noticible

$600 Stretch Goal MOAR HHL! These are a little beat up, but ridiculously old. DON hotstamps

$700 Stretch - Las Vegas Tourney sample sets! These are from the sets that I managed to find and regrettably sell.

$800 - TBD
$900 - TBD

$1000 Stretch - Genuine KGB Rounders movie prop. This one is special though... one side has a tan shade to it. Hard to notice but it's there. Very hard to photo.

How much will it cost?

Entries are priced according to this table. Any entries totaling 50 or more person will get a double deck of Fourniers as well! I will take $20 from the value and give free shipping CONUS.

$5 - 1 Entry
$25 - 7 Entries
$50 - 15 Entries
$75 - 25 Entries
$100 - 40 Entries

How will the winning entry be selected?

Entries will be accepted until June 21st, 00:00 Pacific Time (Saturday Night). I will calculate all of the numbers for the drawing based on the number of entries to assign each person a window of numbers base on the Ohio Lottery's Evening Pick 3 Ohio Lottery Pick 4

For example... If we end up with 100 entries, I will divide the number of eligible numbers, 1000 to find the range. 1000/100 = 10. So each entry would occupy 10 spots. If you have 15 entries you would have 150 numbers. I will try to keep the numbers consecutive, but I may need to massage things a little. I will have the numbers posted prior to the drawing. If I can't get the numbers up for the 21st, I will NOT use the evening numbers on the 21st and will move back a day until I can get the numbers posted.

I will attempt to keep a semi-live current sheet. Updated once a day in the OP so you can see where you are.

I'm in! How do I buy entries?

Easy! Click one of these links below!


1 Count $5.00 USD
7 Count $25.00 USD
15 Count $50.00 USD
25 Count $75.00 USD
40 Count $100.00 USD


1 Count $5
7 Count $25
15 Count $50
25 Count $75
40 Count $100[A
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Oh very cool - im in - at vegas right now playing Monster stack but wanna play - great stuff HQ
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OK Guys. To kick this thing off, I'm going to include a Double Deck setup of Fourniers for everyone that puts in $50 or more. I will take $20 of value out of the raffle for the cards but you'll still get full credit.

Also splitting the proceeds with Links Slayers charity drive!
The seal has been broken by Ronoh! Followed up by Catalzeme, who will also be receiving a setup of Fourniers! Only $45 to the first stretch goal!

Now's the time everyone! Get involved. $5 to win all this cool stuff!
The split with Links Slayer's charity drive closed the deal, I'm in
First stretch goal reached and we are $45 away from the second stretch goal. A stack of $2.50 snappers!

Thank you Jackstraw!
Thanks BGinGA for your entries! We just hit the second stretch goal for a box of unopened sealed Hard Rock Casino ABQ cards and Stardust Mansion Tourney chip sample!

Next stop. Some Very cool international chips and a 6 setup box of Fourneirs!
In for one entry then. Wish it could be more for a good cause.

Only really want to win the matsui plaque and luxor snapper. Oh and the Trops.
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Yup the split with charity got me too. I put 25 on it. GL everyone.
Alright Gang. We are only $40 away from getting to the third stretch goal of a box of Fourniers. You'll likely never need to buy cards again. Not to mention some really nice, and valuable international chips.

Don't forget the split. Half of the proceeds will go to Links Slayer's fund drive to fight cancer! Just 5 bucks for a chance at some really nice stuff!
Do I have this right? I paypal over $50, I definitely get a setup of these cards shipped, Links get ~$24 to fight cancer, and I get 15 chances to have to explain to my wife why another bunch of random poker crap showed up in the mail?
Got the names sorted.

We just picked up another $100! Now we're only 40 away from some really OLD and RARE HorseHead LEFT chips from ASM.

Thanks everyone, keep it up. I'll find more stuff to add if we get over 600 bucks! Some really NICE stuff.
I sent money for 1 entry but PayPal has listed as pending? Said it's under review and should go through within 72 hours. I've never receive that notification before. Any ideas?
I sent money for 1 entry but PayPal has listed as pending? Said it's under review and should go through within 72 hours. I've never receive that notification before. Any ideas?

Did you say "PCF" in the comments? That can get you reviewed as a possible Syrian terrorist (seriously).
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