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Jan 10, 2014
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Here are some pics of my poker table build done a couple years ago. Pretty easy due to my simple design. I was trying to conserve every inch of space in the room I had available, so I came up with this design. Instead of 96" long, it's 92" to the points (which no one sits at). So instead of a large oval with a seat way out on the ends, I made this elongated hexagon shape. One on each slant at the sides, and 3 across the middle lengths for a total of 10 people with 24" linear real estate to each. The rail pad is 2" high density foam for those heavy elbow resters and I like the look and feel of it - Beefy. It accomodates slide under cup holders just fine. I was given a page at the following website and you can see the pics and other info here:

I have since changed the cloth but everything else is the same. Will try to get pics of the table with that soon.
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Looks like a nice table! I like that everyone has 24 inches of room so they don't feel crowded.
Thank you. I used that website as a general guide. It was my first (and so far ONLY) build. One of those "when I get time" projects: I'd like to build a 66" round poker table to accomodate 10 players. I know that would be more involved but if I could, I'd love to try building one. It would have similar features as my current table, definitely with a removable rail padded with the 2" hd foam.
Cool way to get around the problem of space. How does it play?
Cool way to get around the problem of space. How does it play?
Thanks. It plays just like an 8 ft. oval, only players are just a little closer to the action because it "forces" seating positions on the ends: a chair faces each slanted side and the shape doesn't allow someone to sit out on the very ends because the points are there. Plus I didn't have to make any radius cuts. :eek: My room is a decent size, but with someone sitting on the far ends, it didn't give room for people to get up and walk around while others were playing. It works out great for my purpose. I still fantasize about that 66" round design... maybe someday.
I had been thinking my next table build would be a round one but I'm not so sure now. I love my 48" octagon and I think it would be cool to make a 58" or 60" one someday. Kind of like a main event table and then the smaller 48" secondary table.

Looking forward to seeing your next table build someday! For the mean time, get some actions shots at your table :)
60" round is nice. My table is 55" and I have to stand up to collect my pots. For some reason the other players choose not to push the chips to me. :cool:
More pics with new playing surface

A couple of pics with the new playing surface. It was made for some San Diego Sharks hockey team thing and was surplus so I got it at a good deal.
Nice! Someday I want to get a custom cloth done for my table too. Lets see some action shots with chips on the table next :)
Thanks, I just wanted a quality felt and a betting line was a must have. I was lucky enough to find this on eBay. Someday I'll try to get a custom felt done but for now this suffices. I did like the Sharks (considering my poker buddies) but the hockey sticks were just something I had to accept. For the price, it was well worth it!

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