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Aug 8, 2013
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I host a monthly game or two with a group of my friends and I'm always trying to introduce new things into the mix.

For the first time last month we had a bounty tourney in addition to a regular cash game. Our upcoming poker tourney and cash game we are also going to have some blackjack going. The way we set that up the house won't actually be profiting (only players win money)so as to keep it legal.

That being said I was thinking about what else I could offer up as something to do in between the tourney and cash games and blackjack. My idea was....

Video poker slot machine. I found one that was from a local casino and it was refurbished and is decently priced. It takes tokens, coins, or bills depending on how its setup in the comparator. I know several of my friends love video poker and I do enjoy it too so I think it'd be a cool addition to my man cave :).
Do it! Keep dice around to play midnight for a buck a person. I have Grand Victoria casino dice to match my cash game chips.
We have a dice game which is extremely easy to learn and you can play it with as few as 2 players.

Here how it's played.
1. Determine who starts. All players roll the dice, highest chooses who has to start and in which direction it's played (clockwise/countercw)
2. Player 1 starts. He rolls as many times he likes. Goal is to get as close to 15 as possible. If you're over 15 you're bust. Bust means that you have 1 penalty point. Let's say he stands at 12 it's next players turn and so on. After every player has rolled in the round the lowest gets a penalty point. If several player have same lowest score each gets a PP. All players have same score the round doesn't count and will be repeated.
3. Like in Poker after each 'hand' position switches by on player. Next round starts.
4a. A player has 3 PP he's the looser. (i.e. Looser pays next round of beer)
4b. A player has 3 PP he's out. The others restart at 0 until the winner is determined. (Winner takes the pot)

Eventhough this sounds very simple it has besides the fun part also a strategic component. You have to consider the odds, your position, 'table talk' etc.

We do like this game so much that everyone of us purchased his lucky dice...

I guess I should explain how to play midnight. It's also known as one four twenty four. Need as few as 2 players and IMO up to 6 works best. All you need are some dice, a dice cup and money.(I suppose you could use chips!)

The object of the game is to roll 6 dice and get the highest score. The highest score being 24, but in order to score points you must "qualify" by also rolling a one and a four. After each roll of the dice you must take at least one die out to use towards qualifying or towards your goal of 24 points, however you make keep as many as you like. It is not absolutely necessary to qualify first and sometimes you might qualify on your last roll.
Before each round is played, each player puts a dollar into the pot and highest score rakes it. if 2 players tie for the highest score then everyone re-antes and the game is played again, thereby doubling the pot. If you do not qualify then you must add another dollar to the pot. Sometimes you need only qualify to rake the pot, i.e. if you roll last and no one has yet to qualify.

Here's a quick example roll:

I roll the dice and get 2, 4, 4, 6, 1, and 5
Now, I must remove at least one die and may keep as many as I like towards the goal of qualifying and attempting to score 24 points. In this case I will keep the 1, the 4, and the 6 and re-roll the others. Because I have rolled a 1 and a 4 I have qualified and am using the 6 towards trying to score 24.

2nd roll of the last 3 dice. I get a 2, 4, and 1.
Not a great roll. Because I need to keep at least one, of course I take the die with the highest value, the 4.

3rd roll. 2 dice left. Blech. A 3 and a 2. Another terrible roll and I keep the 3.

Last roll. Terrible again. I roll a 1.

So, to sum up:I have qualified by rolling a 1 and a 4. My other rolls produced a 6, 4, 3, and 1. That makes for a total of 14 points. Doubt I'll be winning this pot.

Two other rules. No stacked dice. If you roll and your dice are stacked on each other you roll again. If this happens to you 3 times in a roll you add another dollar. For each subsequent stacked die roll you add another dollar.

On your last roll you may call "bottoms". This means that whatever value you roll will be flipped to whatever value happens to be on the bottom of the die. For example, on my last roll I rolled a 1. If I had called bottoms I would have gotten a 6 because that would be the number on the bottom when you roll a 1. If you happen to roll a 6 and call bottoms, then in actuality would get a 1. You must call bottoms before looking at the die rolled and can only do this with one die left.

It's a great bar game and quite a few bars near me keep dice and cups around.

Have fun with this one!
Both those games sound pretty fun. I've got a few sets of dice so we could make this happen at our next game too!

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