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4 of a Kind
Mar 27, 2013
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From top to bottom:

BCC Grand Cardroom. Flame mold in Bluesman colors. Hope to expand this to a full set someday.
Chipco mixed set from Silver Dollar Everett and Silver Dollar Tacoma. The only ceramics I own.
Paulson Casablanca casino chips. Top Hat and Cane mold.
The rare "custom" spotted BCC T-mold chip. Not yet complete.
ASM hotstamped chips. HHR mold. Not yet complete.

I only have one. It consists of:

20 Secondary President's $0.50 chips
65 Secondary President's $1.00 chips
15 Secondary President's $5.00 chips

The one dollar PCA secondary is perhaps my favourite chip. Only the Fitzgerald quarter (gold) rivals it.

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