My current Baccarat Chemin de Fer setup (1 Viewer)


Sep 17, 2021
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Vintage wooden Baccarat shoe from some place in Miami (looks 1950s-60s-ish?). Just using some cheap Maverick cards for now, but they will eventually be replaced with something nicer.

Replica Sahara Baccarat plaques:
50x $100
26x $500
10x $1000

I don't have any of the $20 or $50 plaques yet, but I plan on adding at least one of those denoms in the future. Right now I'm good for a decent two-player game, maybe three. If you don't know how Chemin de Fer works, it's a form of Baccarat where the bank rotates around the table and has the potential to double on every winning hand (almost like a forced Martingale), so you can get wiped out quickly if you get a bad hand or don't play conservatively. See also: multiple James Bond movies for Chemin de Fer in action.

Will you consider using Jetons for the lower Denominations?

Love the combination of Jetons + Plaques for non Poker Card game

I've considered it... I have used some lower denom regular chips with the plaques before. But I think I want to keep the theming consistent, so eventually I will probably go with the rectangular Sahara plaques for everything.

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