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Dec 19, 2014
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Eggenwil / Switzerland
In all these Casinos I played at least one tournament.



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One trip, 11 days, 24 tournaments

An epic trip!1 I've also played in most of those rooms (though over multiple trips). The Quad chip is sure to be the most rare of the chips since it's lifespan was so short (before being re-renamed to the Linq). Congrats on such a fine collection!
Hmmm, didn't know the quad was renamed already...I think I may have a few of those
I like the Sam's Town most. Very nice people were playing there.

That's not surprising. It's a "locals" casino. Because it's away from the strip (and downtown), it gets more players that live in Las Vegas. Players know the dealers and each other, so conversations take place like a weekly home game. Some of my favorite card games in a casino have been in "locals" casinos.
Sounds like an awesome trip. How did you do?

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