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Mar 26, 2013
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OK, this mass switch to PCF from Chiptalk means a little refresh and work. I am abandoning my Chiptalk thread where I post the custom sample sets I receive from others and starting it up here. Its weird, but I can't get an address to past, but the thread is titled "Sample Set Request To All Custom Chip Set Owners".

A lot of Chiptalk friends have sold or traded sample sets of their customs with me. I enjoy the creative of their chips and display them in my poker room. I have also posted them on this sit:

I maintain a web site to display my chip collection. I collect Chiptalk/PCF members custom sample sets as well as real casino chips, fantasy sample sets and dealer buttons.

IF YOU HAVE A CUSTOM SET OF CHIPS, I'D BE INTERESTED IN BUYING A SAMPLE SET FROM YOU FOR MY COLLECTION. If you have one you can spare, PM me and I'd love to add your chips to my collection and my site display.

If you don't have any extras to sell, and you'd like your chips on my website, that's great, too. Just email me a picture of your chips. Scans are best, JPEG is requested.

- - - - - - - - - Updated - - - - - - - - -

First new addition on this new site:

Mipevi was very nice to me...

First, the Siam Imperia set. Great use of Elephant and Crown mold with an asian themed concept. GREAT execution. Here are the chips...

- - - - - - - - - Updated - - - - - - - - -

Mipevi's second gift...The Coconut Club. Great use of ASM (CPC) solids...color matching the inlay and simple design.

Yes, the theme of the inlay was perfect for the mold. I'm not sure whether there is ever going to be another chance for that one.
Love those Siam Imperias. Best use of that mold ever imo.
Loving those mipevi's chips. Jeff, did you got them GCOP's from mipevi?
Yes, he did and they are AWESOME. Makes you miss BCC. Mipevi gave me several sets, including that one. I figured that since he gave me so much material, why not stretch it out a little and I put his two customs set up first.

I don't know if it was just running up to the GCOP group buy or if Mipevi was thinking BCC customs at one time, because he has a lot of COOL BCC samples he passed on to me. Besides the GCOP, there is another members custom BCCs that I remembered, but I had never seen in person. They are very very nice too. I will be sharing as I have time to get scans done. They are all sitting right next to my computer on my desk...
PM me your mailing address, I have a sample set to share with you. It's a three chip TRK small crown set, if you have any extras to trade, I'd be pleased to add them to my collection.

Missed you at DSC IV. Another grand slam by Courage.

Jeff - excellent site; thanks for sharing. Also, kick-ass display/gaming room. I'm thoroughly impressed.

I'm in the (nascent) stages of designing a custom set, and just decided to add extras to my orders expressly for the purpose of sharing with collectors.

Do you have a thing for custom clays? Or just haven't gotten a lot of ceramics?
I love ceramics, don't know many people who have done custom ceramics. i do have a set of the Arctic Poker that was just given to me (I still have to scan and post). I like the cool stuff you can do with printing on a ceramic blank, but I do prefer the feel of clay chips when i play, though.

Its really nice to allow us to buy sample sets....thanks!
Excellent site and collection. There are a ton of awesome chips there. I have always been partial to oversized inlays and there are quite a few nice ones on your site. Thanks for sharing!

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