SOLD Multiple Solids for Sale, or possible trade

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Nov 8, 2014
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Purples and reds are sold.

I have gone through my 12.5 lb box of solids that arrived from the US today and I always knew there were going to be chips that I kept and chips that I sold. Or traded?
In no particular order here is what I have up for sale. Please note all prices are in US $ and I am happy to get shipping quotes. And if anyone wants the chips to milled and cleaned I can do that for $.50/chip. Basically I am asking $1.00/chip but I am open to trades and offers. Also I am more likely to trade if anyone has another barrel of light blues that match my pepper mills
33 milled by @Josh Kifer purple/grape. Chips are in excellent shape. Asking $33.00. Unfortunately they are much darker than the lilac(?) chips I have and I would be willing to trade for Lilac solids. i have included one pic of my chips and the ones from Josh to compare. And the chips are darker than in the pic.
purple 1.jpg
purple 2.jpg
purple 3.jpg
off white 1.jpg
off white 2.jpg
Red 1.jpg
Red 2.jpg
red 3.jpg
red 4.jpg
peppermill 1.jpg
peppermill 2.jpg

21 off white starbursts. As nice as these look with the set I am building I don't think they are going to work. A couple have minor blemishes but are in really nice shape with very sharp edges and strong starburts. $21.00
63 red faded starbursts that really come to life when you oil them. They match up beautifully with my Casino Royale $5 chips. Not a warped or blemished one in the bunch. $63.00
I also have 60 peppermill chips that @natumes has first right of refusal on before I offer them up here.
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