MTTD 7 - Northwoods Edition - May 19-22, 2022 (3 Viewers)

Chipping up a little

Sitting at MSP waiting to board my flight home. Thanks for everything @Trihonda - poker, ATV’s, shooting range, and Spotted Cow were all great. I enjoyed meeting some new PCF’ers - @NotABot , @Belgian_Aler , and @Sparkynutz plus locals @BukNaked36 , Paul, and Mike.

Special thanks to my travel buddy @inca911 for the road trip. It’s always great to reconnect and I’m already looking forward to the KC straddle.


Winner??? Top 3??? :unsure:

12 entries in the main. 8 into the secondary pool

Top three (both main and secondary pools);

1- @Trihonda
2- Mike the Cop (local)
3- @Belgian_Aler

i think payouts were like 460/300/160 (not including bounties).

I was extremely card dead for the first 3/4 of the tourney. My turn-around was when I limp UTG with AA, an immediate shove by @k9dr with AQo, and a reshove by Vegas Paul with 77…. I just had both covered and my aces held.

the very next hamd, I get ATo in the EP vs @BukNaked36 who was to my left. When it’s limped to me, I ship it in (maybe 20bbs). @BukNaked36 calls (he has me barely covered and rolls over KK. I spike an A and double up. I now have the table covered, but it wasn’t a cake walk. @Belgian_Aler was a cockroach (I say it in the nicest way). He just wouldn’t die. At one point he had 1/2 a BB, and I doubled him up like a dozen times…. (Well, it seemed like a lot). I had big Ace hands AIPF against his 76o type hands and he catches a pair, and so on….

huge thanks to those who were able to stay and help with clean up Sun morning…. It was beyond helpful. Even with the help, I was at the cabin until after 6pm cleaning and packing. Lol. I can’t imagine how late I’d have been if I didn’t get the help.
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