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Aug 8, 2013
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Decided I'd start a thread detailing my entire poker table build.

Table Style: 48" Octagon with folding legs and padded rail. I plan to put stainless steel cup holders in the rail so people don't have to put their drinks on the playing surface.

Supply list:
3/4 inch Birch Finish Plywood
Removable Legs (4)
Burgundy Suited Speed Cloth
Volara 1/4 closed cell foam
65 lbs 1 inch rail foam (single sheet)
Rail Vinyl Whisper Black from YAT
Stainless steel cup holders (deep) for inside rail
3M 77 spray adhesive

Day 1: Bought the plywood and the table legs. Also cut the plywood in half. Ordered all remaining supplies I will need
View attachment 869

As I get free time to work on it I'll update the post with that days progress.

Day 2:
Cut out both octagons. Cut the 1 inch ring for locating the rail. Cut out the 5 inch rail. Sanded everything. Tomorrow night I'm going to glue and screw the 1 inch ring to the bottom of the rail. I don't want to cut the cup holders in until the come in just in case they aren't the size the manufacture states they are. After tomorrow I'm pretty much done working on it until all my pieces come in from YAT.

I used a skill saw and a jig saw to cut out the rails etc. Jig saw was used just for the corners where the skill saw couldn't get.







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Sweet! Will be following for sure.
Day 2 completed! Updated the first post. Other then cutting in the cup holders I am done with all the sawing and cutting. Sanded every edge so I'm ready to start putting material on the wood. My order from YAT should be in at the end of the week so hopefully this weekend I can get the playing surface finished and the rail :).
That's going to be a cool table. Keep the updates coming!

After thinking about it more and looking at the folding legs I bought I feel like it would be a shame to put the cheap 20 dollar folding legs on it so I think I'm going to return those and find a nice oak pedestal and put that on it instead. I've got a few ideas on how I can make it so its still easily removable for storage.

- - - - - - - - - Updated - - - - - - - - -

I got to thinking about the hassle of removing all the bolts and carrying around a large oak pedastal in and out of storage so I decided to try something different. Bought these legs off tablelegsonline. This way the legs screw on and off easily. They are 2 3/8 inch and each can hold 220lbs so unless I have a 1k pound person getting on my table to danceI should be ok ;). lol

View attachment 878View attachment 879
Yesterday I wood glued the rail ring to the rail and then today I countersunk and screwed it on to the rail so it's definitely not going anywhere :).

View attachment 901

Also I made 8 cup holder rings so I don't have to worry about the cupholders getting pushed through the vinyl.
View attachment 902View attachment 903

All my supplies came in yesterday evening so this weekend I'll be putting the volara padding and the SSC on the playing surface. I also plan to drill the holes for the cupholders into the rail and then attach the cupholder rings.

If I get time on Sunday I'll start putting the vinyl on the rail but I'm thinking that probably won't happen until sometime this week after work.
Looking good. Did you round the inside and outside edge of rail?
Looking good. Did you round the inside and outside edge of rail?

Thanks! Yeah once I got the ring attached I went around the outside with a sander to get the OD of the ring and the rail perfectly lined up and then I went ahead and made sure the edges were rounded so they don't dig into peoples arms when they are leaning on the rail :)
Decided I didn't want to put the cup holders in the rail so I'm going to exchange my cup holders for the ones that can slip under the rail.

Today I had a few hours so I decided to work on the table. I decided to do the rail first to get the worst part over with lol.

Cut the foam out, used Super 3M 77 to attach it to the rail. Then laid the rail out on the whisper vinyl and started pulling and stapling. Got the entire outside stapled and its wrinkle free :). Tomorrow after work I'll get the inside stapled. Then time to move onto the playing surface which should be easy compared to the rail.

Few pictures from tonight:

View attachment 910View attachment 911
Looking good. Does that 3M Super 77 stink? We were using Super 88 to put the plastic corner beads on in the basement. That stuff really stinks!

I didn't notice any bad smell with the Super77. I didn't use very much though so maybe that's why I didn't notice a bad smell.
Looking great. Nice to see an octagon shape rather than the standard oval.
Thanks! The octagon just works a lot better in my house and with 6 to 8 people per table its just a lot easier to deal and rake pots in then a big oval. My 4x8 oval is just way too big and bulky to move in and out of storage.

- - - - - - - - - Updated - - - - - - - - -

Well other then hurting my back lifting the table today it was a good day for my table building project! It's done!

Here it is after I put the legs on
View attachment 923

Here it is after finishing the playing surface and setting the rail on it :)
View attachment 924
This was just one of the break room chairs so this isn't the actual chairs I have at my house. My chairs are almost an identical match to the burgundy SSC. Before I put the foam and vinyl on the rail I did put 4 T nuts in it and I drilled the holes in the playing surface so if I ever decide I want to attach the rail with 4 1/4 inch bolts or (round head screws) I can. Just setting it on there it seems like its solid enough not to require actually attaching the rail to the playing surface.

Once I get it home I'll snap some pictures of it with some chips and on the 7th when I host my next game I'll be sure to get some action shots :).
Man that looks fantastic. Seems like you built that in a day.

Sent from my Galaxy Note 3
Man that looks fantastic. Seems like you built that in a day.

Sent from my Galaxy Note 3

Thanks Tommy! The build did seem to go pretty quick now that I think about it. Actual time working on it was like 4 or 5 nights I wanna say :).
That is a nice table Mr Cheese. Did you ever think about putting a detachable pedestal type base? Most are attached with 4 bolts.
That is a nice table Mr Cheese. Did you ever think about putting a detachable pedestal type base? Most are attached with 4 bolts.

Thanks! I thought about doing a pedestal in the center because I like the look even more then this but that's a bigger piece to have to store when I'm not using the table. These legs are really sturdy and really easy to get on and off. They have a bolt on the base that is screwed onto the table and inside each leg is a plate with a nut welded on it so the legs can be screwed on and off in a matter of seconds with no tools which is kind of nice.

If I build a second table someday I'll probably build a round table next and I would put a removable center pedestal on that one. Center pedestals are definitely the classiest looking

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