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Sitting Out
Feb 22, 2020
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According to Robert’s rules there are a couple of options for moving the button when a player in SB or BB is eliminated

Each round every player must get an opportunity for the button, and meet the total amount of the blind obligations. Either of the following methods of button and blind placement may be designated to do this:
1️⃣Moving button – The button always moves forward to the next player and the blinds adjust accordingly. There may be more than one big blind.
2️⃣Dead button – The big blind is posted by the player due for it, and the small blind and button are positioned accordingly, even if this means the small blind or the button is placed in front of an empty seat, giving the same player the privilege of last action on consecutive hands.

We recently ran into a few issues regarding where should the BB go after the player who had it last got eliminated (4 player game).

I will submit this to a vote in our club soon and I was wondering if there are other ways or how do you guys proceed when you ran into this issue.


Feb 23, 2018
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Oakland, CA
When you said "eliminated," you're describing a tournament, right? If so, always dead button. Robert's Rules addresses this in Section 15 Tournament #30.

If it's not a tournament, pick a rule and stick with it. In my house, we use the "simplified moving button" rule. The dealer button moves to the next active player on the left, and the first and second players remaining to the left pay the small and big blinds. Missed blinds are ignored.

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