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Royal Flush
Nov 6, 2014
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Wifey and I watched this last night.

I thought it was a fun movie. Its filled with unadulterated violence which doesn't require Reeves to speak much. I still struggle with his acting. He was impressive in a couple of pivotal scenes. When his character was just having a "conversation" with someone else it was close to painful to listen to him.

The story has been done a million times. Doesn't mean it wasn't enjoyable. It was. Gotta love a good revenge flick.

Favorite Line: John wasn't exactly the boogeyman. He's the one you sent to kill the fucking boogeyman.

Wasn't much supporting cast tbh. Theon Greyjoy was the primary target of John Wick. He plays a similar dbag which I would compare to his role in Game of Thrones.

I really liked Adrianne Palicki. My complaint with her character is that there wasn't enough screen time :)

Its a good flick. Not great. Not going to win any awards. If you like action flicks. This is one to watch.

I did notice a couple of times that the editing in a couple of the action scenes was a little choppy.

The action is similar to the recent Dredd flick (without the slow motion).

4.0 stars

I caught this in the theater, and really enjoyed it. For me, it was similar to the Equalizer, in that Russian mobsters "effed" with the wrong guy, lol.

I didn't like Theon Greyjoy as a Russian mobster. I can't see him in any other role... It's like the Ron Weasley from Harry Potter- I saw him in another movie once, and kept expecting him to pull out an old "taped-together" magic wand...

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