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Feb 2, 2020
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Hey PCF'ers,

Need some input on a monthly leaderboard point system. We just started running a monthly WSOP sit n' go with our group of players here. I need to setup some type of point system to determine an end winner for the WSOP prize pool. A little about the monthly in general. It's a $100 buy in freeze out, 10 max sit n go format. I will host the tournament once a month and give all players 10+ days notice when the tourney will be so they can make arrangements to be there. Each tourney, $100 will be withheld from the prize pool and will go into a WSOP fund. Once the WSOP rolls around whoever has accumulated the most points will get the WSOP fund to use for an event buy in (or portion of a buy in). Outside of that the top (3) players each month will get the remaining prize pool distributed to them.

The help I need is determining the point structure for the leaderboard. The issue i face and that im trying to solve for is that we will NOT have the same group of players each month. There are going to be some instances where players cannot make the accommodations to play and waitlisted players will make their way in. I want to setup the points so that if you are unable to attend one month but make a good portion of the others, there is still an opportunity for you to win the overall leaderboard. We estimate that around 7/10 players will be able to return from each previous month. If a player plays this month, they will automatically be loaded into the next months tourney and get the first opportunity to participate. Any help on this would be appreciated.


3 of a Kind
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Feb 9, 2021
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I feel like there could be a resource for different basic game/series setups and how they can be tweaked. I'm nowhere near knowing enough to be able to inform such a resource; has this been done before?
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