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Mar 29, 2013
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I prefer to use mixed sets for my home games, very rarely a single set like the Vineyards, PCAs, Horseshoe Gardena, etc.

Seeing the Hall-of Fame thread started me thinking about my own favorite chips, and which ones I tend to choose to make up mixed sets for those home games. So here's my mixed set grab bag of chips, from which I pretty randomly choose (minimum two racks each required):

Fracs: Blue Chip quarters; Greektown quarters; Fitzgerald pink hs quarters; Motor City quarters; Cactus Charlie orange quarters; Cactus Jack hs 50-centers; Riverboat V1 50-centers.

$1 white: Aztar Caruthsersville secondaries; Luxor grand inlay; Treasure half-moon grands.

$1 blue: Paris large inlay; MGM Vegas grands; Mirage grands; The Silks (Tampa) and Ho-Chunk jumbos (mixed).

$2: The Silks (Tampa) magenta jumbos; Ace's jumbos.

$3: Vineyard jumbos; Riverboat V1 jumbos; Ace's jumbos.

$5: PCA secondaries; Chips Tukwila grands; St. Jo Frontier jumbos; Bahamia Millenium jumbos; Grand Victoria secondaries.

$20: Outpost regular inlay; Outpost jumbos; Isleta oversize octagonals.

$25: Mesquite Star large star; PNY secondary; Highway 9; Aztar Caruthersville secondaries; Grand Victoria secondaries;

$100: Bahamia jumbos; Highway 9; PCA secondaries.

$500: PCA secondaries; Aztar Evansville secondaries; Ambassador Plazas.

$1000: GV secondaries; Riverboat V1 jumbos.

What chips are in your grab bag? How do you choose among them?
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