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Jan 6, 2020
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Love my Dunes CC's, but couldn't resist the gravitational pull of Paulson chips - thanks PCF!

EDIT: I went with the second option pictured here:

House Mold set comparo 1.jpg

I appreciate the beauty of THC like the next guy, but it turns out that house molds are my weakness. Not sure why, but I couldn't stay away. I worked on a 400-chip (now 500-chip), cash game set design a bit (above) then started the acquisition phase. I've seen that many mixed set builds change over time and I expect mine will, too.

Chip & Set Design Notes:
  • Since I find white $1's a bit boring, I opted for mixed casino house molds (a mixed, mixed house mold selection for the $1's). I love how the $1's turned out with many amazing edge spot colors.
  • I tried to find a more reasonably priced $5, but could not resist unused Sundance $5's. The label and edge spots are out-of-this-world.
  • Not all house molds have the same quality feel or look. It's hard to describe, but the Mirage chips just seem to be higher quality and more expensive than all the others. The labels appear higher quality, too, with slightly 3D graphics that shift as you move the chip. They all weigh about 10 grams - which is a bit heavier than the average weight of most chips in this set.
  • Weight varies widely even across the exact same chip - by over one gram or 10 to 15%. The Golden Nugget $1's can weigh from 8 to over 9 grams while the Sundance $5's can weigh from below 9.5 to 10.5 grams.
  • I prefer the wider edge house mold chips, but the Lucky 21 chips have great edge spot colors (and other $100's are tough to find).
  • It takes patience and work to assemble a set on your own.
  • Getting labels take even longer! It’s likely a two month process. Patience.

I'm open to comments and suggestions, but I'm happy to share my progress with the forum. Also, thanks to the PCF members that helped - I'm not the first PCF owner of many of these chips. Enjoy the pr0n.

House Mold v2-3.jpg

House Mold v2-2.jpg


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Looks great! Hope to see this set grow and sprout some labels very soon. :tup:
Love it. I guess the only thing I'd personally swap is the Lucky 21 $25 chips. Everything else is a Vegas chip and it would be pretty damn cool to keep it to that theme. Maybe some Dunes $25's. Although those are shaped inlay I believe. Still love what you've put together!
Good luck! I think it's going to be quite difficult to find Sundance $5s in any quantity in really good condition. They are one of the rare ones, only occasionally glimpsed here.
Love the mixed mixed $1s! Great idea.

I like it as is, but if you wanted to go all wide edge, have you thought about moving the mirage to the $20 slot and adding a black $100?
I like it as is, but if you wanted to go all wide edge, have you thought about moving the mirage to the $20 slot and adding a black $100?
Yes! I've debated this and I have in fact ordered the Lucky 21 $100's - nice color pop on this chip. Plus, I do prefer $20's Mock up is below. It could work...

Going all wide edge will be tough or very expensive or both. My OCD is OK with mixing Vegas and Non-Vegas, but not OK with having two of the same casinos for different denominations (other than within the mixed $1s). Mixing edge width is problematic, but something that I could live with as there are mixed edge widths within the $1s.

That being said, I strongly urge someone to build a Mirage house mold set - they won't be sorry. Mirage has awesome house molds across the entire range --> http://chipguide.themogh.org/cg_chip2.php?id=NVLVMI&v=4045246160

Pictures don't do justice to the Mirage chips, they look very cool in person and exude quality.

Gotta love those Golden Nuggets for fracs as well.

House Mold set comparo 1.jpg
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Thanks to another PCF member, my Lucky's are here. So pictures for option #2 are below. I actually like both sets and while I like the green in the set better, I do like having a $20 (vs. $25 chip) and I really like the Lucky 21 $100 design plus the chips are in excellent condition. Comments are welcome.

House Mold v2-1.jpg
House Mold v2-2.jpg
House Mold v2-3.jpg
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Labels are here! Only five days shipping to Maryland, glad Canada Post & USPS are still moving at full speed. Thanks to @Gear for the design work, awesome quality & customer service (my first time with relabeling).

Results attached. They both turned out beautifully, but the 25¢ Golden Nuggets look better than the original $1's. So glad I have 200 of them. (Maybe won't be so glad after applying 400 labels, only labeled one chip so far.)

I have no idea how long I'll have to wait to put them in play - coronavirus strikes again.

House labled 1.jpg
Just a pic update with new $20 Mirage labels. A year later and I am still quite happy with my "grail set". No changes other than growing the set from 400 to 500 chips and a second version of the $20 Mirage labels applied (I felt the brown on the first round of labels was a bit too light).

Several other cash sets have come and gone while another two sets are being tweaked relentlessly, but this set is solid as is.

In play for many family games, but yet to put in play with the poker group. Can't wait.

HM 500 Set 1.jpg

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