Mixed Aztar/Par-A-Dice Paulson Tourney Set with Custom 5K (1 Viewer)


Aug 12, 2013
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Small tourney set built from Casino Aztar Evansville and Par-A-Dice Casino chips. I selected the mix of chips looking for a bright, lively set.

The set needed a 5K chip to support deeper starting stacks or rebuys, but finding an oversized chip to go with the Par-A-Dice 1K took awhile. I jumped on a sale by Nico (Don Clay) of some Garden City $500s that are oversized and looked like they would work with the color scheme.

The last step was getting a custom label to turn them into 5Ks. The Garden City's needed a very thin label due to some casino wear. I had purchased label samples from Quicksilver-75 (Steve) earlier and liked the very thin unlaminated stock he offered. After contacting him, Steve designed and printed an Aztar label re-creation for the new 5K. Steve put a lot of time into color matching the grey chip base and I couldn't be happier with the results.

We finally had some sunny weather in the Pacific NW so here are a few quick picks of the set. Enjoy!

IMG_1854.jpg IMG_1856.jpg IMG_1860.jpg IMG_1862.jpg IMG_1871.jpg
Very nice. I use the same denoms from $25-$500 in my T1000 set. Those 5k chips work great with the set.

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