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Found Mixed assortment of 43mm (BTP,SB,Jacks,HS) (1 Viewer)

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Feb 4, 2020
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Hello PCF community, since I joined here a few weeks ago i've been greeted with outstanding hospitality. That being said i'm looking for a small amount of chips to complete my set. The prices I would pay will be listed below.

20x BTP T100 ($8/chip) Pending via @liftapint Thanks!
20x SB $500 ($10/chip) Pending via @Kidd32 Thanks!
5-10x Jacks 1k (primary) ($13/chip) 1 Found

unnamed (6).jpg
500 barrel.jpg
Annotation 2020-03-17 084017.png

Would also look at HS 1k's if jacks become to hard to find

5x HS 1k ($17/chip) Found!
Annotation 2020-03-17 084541.png

Thanks for taking a look, and I will offer extra $$ incentive if you are able to send a majority of the chip i'm asking for in one shipment!
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