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Sep 20, 2017
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New Jersey
I decided to make my own custom seating Chips using BJ Roulette Chips that the Chiproom had on his Black Friday sale. I had @Gear make me labels which @timinater did the designs.

These were my first chips I was going to start with. I had an exacto knife set which I would use to pull off the labels.

Pulling of the labels was pretty easy. I thought it was going to be difficult, but it was not.

I have total of 7 colors and 20 chips of each. I will be able to make 2 sets of each color. One set I’ll keep of each color and make the other sets available once I am done.

The labeled and finished product. The only issue I have is Seats 9 and 10 for this color are like the other chips I have for this color which is slightly more used.


I’ll work on the rest on Sunday or next week. I think they look pretty good and they should pop with the other colors.

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