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SOLD Mint RPC Cash Set - 2 Available (200/300/200/100/100/100) (1 Viewer)

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Jul 2, 2020
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Two mint, unplayed RPC cash sets available. This is the lineup. (Pic from @pacmartine ). Each set has the following breakdown:

200 x blue $1
300 x canary yellow $5
200 x blurple $25
100 x 43mm white $100
100 x 43mm Mexican rose $500
100 x 43mm Blaze orange $1000


Price per set: $13,000 shipped in the CONUS.

ALTERNATE CONFIGURATIONS (priority given to breakdown above, but if there is no interest in 24 hours, the following can be had). Please Dibs using “dibs configuration 2” so I know. 2 available.

200 x $1
300 x $5
100 x $25
100 x $100

Price: $8,600 shipped in the CONUS

$500 add-on at $400/barrel
$1000 add-on at $500/barrel

This is a dibs sale.

Will do a split if all chips are accounted for. Priority goes to set sales. Split purchases will have shipping costs extra.

$1 @ $1000/rack
$5 @ $1100/rack
$25 @ $2500/rack
$100 @ $800/rack
$500 @ $1500/rack
$1000 @ $1500/rack.

International buyers welcome, you take full responsibility for shipping costs and issues.

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damn thought the $100s were $800 for the Rack not like I could have bought it or am I going insane lol
Was given some advice that the prices I was using don’t match to what these are bring sold for. I’ve adjusted them to what a trusted advisor says they’re worth on the market.

Changes in the OP!
I wish that worked for me when I tell people that.
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