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Mar 25, 2013
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I guess I should make my intro thread now. :) I been collecting Paulson chips sets for about 2 years now. They are normally small sets (300 or less) since I don't have the big bucks like some. Right now I only have some PNYs, but I'm always looking to get a good deal on some others. I normally play in a home game every two weeks. We all take turns hosting a game. A little BYOB and some good times.

I really like the photo gallery section here. I can look at chip PrOn all day long! ;)

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Welcome to the Poker Chip Forum. Glad to have you aboard! I can look at chip prOn all day as well. :cool:
I've got to read up on creating some albums. I've got loads of pics of all sorts of sets I used to own & currently own -- sorta forget that some of us can just stare at chips all day long.... :)

Welcome aboard BTW!
Welcome aboard! I'm jealous of you being in Vegas. So many cool casino chips you could collect! I'd probably have sets of chips from every casino if I lived anywhere near vegas! Probably good I'm a 1k miles away ;).
I would love to walk into any LV casino and get some minty fractionals to take home. :) The next time I am in AC I be keeping an eye out.

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