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Aug 1, 2014
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Looking for a barrel of quarters or whatever anybody may want to part with. Need 16 to complete a rack after my latest trip. (two trips 84 chips!...Woot woot)

Really? That is epic harvesting! I wonder if it's because the general chip collecting population has given up recently. It used to be a minor miracle to get outta there with more than 4.
I am a persistent bastard. At one point I was actually bargaining with a pitboss to get and extra $2 worth....for like five minutes. It's funny. But you know you're going to win when they ask "what do you want them for?"
Great job getting that many in just two trips. Easiest solution: go back one more time! Congrats and good luck filling out your rack.
There in lies the problem..if I go back I'm going to get way more than 16. Then I'll be half way through ANOTHER rack and the addiction continues until either the wife kills me or security starts to recognize me and gives me a beating for taking all their quarters :)
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