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Feb 13, 2020
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Does anyone know where Crown Casino in Australia, Melbourne get their chips from?
I am wondering if they are Bud Jones and if so which version they could be.


Been playing at Crown Casino for years when I was younger and am thinking of buying a similar set of chips as it brings back nostalgic memories.
I think they are dolphin chips.

Well the Perth ones are at least. I'm not a plastic chip expert though
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You can create something similar enough with a ceramic chip from sun-fly or you can go with matsui if you prefer a plastic chip.
I think the $5 is Dolphin, the rest Bourgogne et Grasset and the $500 is actually oversized.
Does anyone have Crown Casino Melbourne playing cards?

By the way chips look like Bud Jones
Thanks @Perthmike!
Seems like these aren't available in the secondary market at all. :unsure:
You never pocketed any chips @steam to take home? Or did it not even occur to you to harvest a few mementos during that time?
Thanks for the heads up @HMK and @RocAFella1.
Will probably start buying plastic samples to get a feel of the chips.
If u can't find suitable plastic replacements, I say hunt down & murder some used THC/RHC n create your own tribute set to Crown Casino, Melbourne.
If you like high end plastic chips and don't mind doing your own customization, the Big Easy Casino Bud Jones S2 that I have allows for a good-size replacement label (1 1/8" diameter). Big advantage is that these are unplayed casino chips so they are not slippery and they stack well. Only have them in cash colours, though, because tournament sets are sold out.
I have these from crown, but dont know anything about them... If you are interested, let me know

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