May 4th = summer, May 5th = SNOW? (1 Viewer)


Full House
Nov 7, 2014
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NB Canada - Maine's next door neighbour
So the last few days were pretty much summer weather. Shorts, taking out some patio furniture & bbq. Neighbours working on their gardens & landscaping.

Today, SNOW!!
In the fall, we welcome this and call it winter wonderland. But now, let's just say Mother Nature is drunk.

Looks like I'm gonna go back in my hole for 6 weeks.

We are also experiencing a cold front! Yesterday was in the 70s, and felt like the 40s this morning. *sigh* hopefully summer is here soon. But I fear at this weird rate we will be seeing 100°+ days this year
Very typical of May weather across this continent of ours.
Sunday it was touching 20 degrees celsius. So about 68 fahrenheit. Yesterday morning 3 degrees celsius. 37 fahrenheit. And it was snowing west of my city.

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