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May 23, 2019
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East Windsor, NJ
Alright, I waited long enough. I didn't see anyone start a showcase for the Matsui Zen GB 2021, so I'm starting one. I'll be adding more pictures as I can sneak away and take them, but splash pot pics are always a good start!




And, of course, my Gallery which I'll be updating as I can...

Anymore game-time photos? Tourney activity shots?
I imagine that @BearMetal printed them himself, and if you ask him he might do the same for you for a modest fee.
Most people ask nicely, and if my printer is available and I've had a good relationship with them on PCF, I'll make them some goodies for the cost of materials+shipping. The above rack takes about 14 hours to print, and that's the main reason why I'm not a vendor. I just couldn't keep up with the demand, which is also why I don't charge for them.

Where can a guy get these display racks ?
I designed/printed it. My printer has a pretty big backlog right now, so I'm not talking new requests ATM.

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