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Oct 31, 2014
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Matsui Tournament Poker (2011) -- set of 600 chips

1200 USD + shipping -- SOLD, payment pending

All chips are 39 mm with red foil. Used once.

160 x T25 green
200 x T100 black
100 x T500 light blue
100 x T1000 yellow
40 x T5000 orange

The Matsui chip trays shown are not included, but may be available separately. (Shipping chips and racks in the same box is unnecessarily difficult.)

Matsui Tournament Poker samples.jpeg

Matsui Tournament Poker set.jpg
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Hmmmm, if I abandon my attempt to fill out my 43mm set....
(or use this as a back-up plan and keep my 43mm chips)....

GLWS. Awesome chips!
So, this is a 2 table set, basically?

Wish your timing had been different. I created a tourney set from the last TCE sale or these would have been a snap buy for me.
Also, what’s the significance of “with red foil”?

The red parts of the inlay (the word TOURNAMENT, and the diamond and heart suit symbols) are in red metallic foil. The other option was flat red printing, so this is a little fancier?
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