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Oct 28, 2014
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Open to PCFers and BBotBers.

My friend Matt is running a pool.

* Brackets cost $10 each. You can pay via Paypal. The only brackets that will count are those by players who have paid via Paypal by the deadline.
* You can enter up to 10 brackets using a given Yahoo account. It is fine if you use multiple accounts in order to enter more brackets.
* The payment structure will be 50% (first place), 25% (second place), 15% (third place), 10% (fourth place).
* Please look at the scoring rules before filling out your bracket. The scoring rules may be different from what you are used to. Note the bonus for underdogs.

The scoring rules give bonuses for underdogs in the first 2 rounds. This lets you build some additional points if you are an NCAA genius and can pick the underdog winners.

To be eligible to collect, payments must be made for all brackets in your name to commercial (at) robkeller (dot) com with a note of your account name, how many brackets you entered, etc by March 19, 1PM EDT.

Must use friends and family, or pay fees yourself.

The info to join the pool is here:

You have been invited to join Matthew's custom Yahoo Sports
This is a private pool so you will need the following information to join:
Pool ID#: 89925
Password: poker

I will post a complete list list of total paid players here in this thread by the 20th to avoid confusion of total pool value.
Entered and paid. Straight up donation, but wanted to have some vested interest while watching.
We didn't get a lot of entries. My friend Matt and I entered 10 brackets. I'll post the total pool later today I hope.
Georgia State!

My alma mater f-ing up all your brackets!
No, just mine. I disregarded CR's advice to read how the scoring works... my bad. Apparently the +EV strategy of this pool is to take every 9-14 seed in the first round and put all 1-2 seeds in the final four due to underdogs being worth MUCH more than I assumed (literally... they did this on every one of their brackets and go round robin style in the Final Four). I currently have 5 wins for 8 points and all of their brackets have 6 wins for 36 points. :rolleyes:

Pretty silly pool, I'm wondering if I will be mathematically eliminated after the first round even if I nail the Final Four and Championship (with includes a 6 and a 10 in the FF and a 6 losing in the Championship game) :D
Lot of upsets today. Part of the fun of college ball.
I'm going to lose to all 10 Matt brackets. I thought I picked enough underdogs but not nearly enough. Ronoh is right. Should have gone all upsets other than 1s and 2s in first 2 rounds.
I'm going to lose to all 10 Matt brackets. I thought I picked enough underdogs but not nearly enough. Ronoh is right. Should have gone all upsets other than 1s and 2s in first 2 rounds.
That is what makes it such a silly pool. Taking every 9-14 seed and advancing every 1 and 2 to the Elite Eight is absolutely the only way to play, and since that is the only way to play it makes it pointless. It may not be quite as bad if the point multiplier went deeper into the tournament but it dies out after the first two rounds. In other words, a 14 beating a 3 in the first round is worth 11 points... the same 14 beating a #1 in the Sweet 16 is worth 4 points.

I don't think I'll be playing next year ;)
My friend matt really wanted to try a bracket rule set with EV calculations that were part of the rules. Clearly he made some good picks.

I think this might have been more interesting with both a larger field and with more attention to the rules, but I think we'll never see it, as I'll be surprised if we get one off the ground again...

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