Man o man I found me something special... (1 Viewer)


Straight Flush
Dec 9, 2014
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Rocky Mountain High
I found something I've been looking for a long time. Not Terrible's or PCNY...can't wait to get home. PrOn will come later. I'm a bit more excited about this than getting those Mark Twain secondaries!!!! No spoilers yet.
Yeah, I guess I'd be excited, too! I suppose they don't have many blondes in Saudi.

Oh, wait...what are we talking about?
No spoilers yet.
Woulda beat you to the punch, but wasted time clicking on the second spoiler pic to confirm. ;)
On the other hand, maybe they are just a bunch of small broken pieces of Mapes. Didn't see any WHOLE chips.....
Yeah. It may take years to finally get the ones but you have to start somewhere. I have other TRK blanks and NCV KC to use as 1s. If I can find two racks of New China Club like k9dr, then I'm cool too. Money Trees work well too. Some day I'll have those 1s. It will cost an arm as singles and such but I don't care. Chippers gonna chip!
Welcome to the club :) Nice Score. If you want to give up some $100's I bet I know a member who might trade you some $1's, Paging JFCJ

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