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Feb 25, 2014
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We have our official home game thread usually intended for people to take pictures while they are sitting at the table. I want to see your man cave/poker room pics empty of people!

Lets keep this clear of live game shots and chip pr0n
Hahahah yeah i took that picture this morning without the table there. When I have people over to play I put it all in a different room

The other half of the room (TV side), I am in the same boat. When I get a second table, I will be doing the same too. :) My man cave has been reduced to man half-room.
Joe at Palm had them about 5 Years ago. They are great starting stack organizers.
These are all Awesome....I dont have a man cave or a basement, I GET to use the formal living room and move the furniture out when I get to have a game...:oops:
Jesus, I was SO frigging happy when I finally got a place with a dedicated room I could close off for poker and after seeing everyone with these massive rooms and multiple tables and couches and shit I'm depressed all over again!

Meh, screw it, I'm happy to have a space to play where the cats won't claw up the table, here's my little slice of heaven. Notice the monitor in the first pic has been replaced with a newer one since it died on me, 32" display for my tourney clock on top of an apartment sized fridge that keeps shit cold. Had to post an action shot to display some of my wall hangings (some cool chips I've won via contests from the chipping community or just received, really generous folks out there, thanks!)




I'll try to get better/newer pics this weekend since there's been some changes
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