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Sep 4, 2013
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Las Vegas
I am letting these go below the original Chip Room prices. I have over a 1000 of each denomination.
100 $1 chips - $25
100 $5 chips - $30
100 $25 chips (All 10th Anniversary) - $30
100 $25 chips (No 10th Anniversary) - $45
Shipping is $15.

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I don't see these listed at this price on your website. Do you have a link, or are you taking orders here?
I'll take 200 of the $25's (no 10th anniv).

*I know that you mention per rack prices only above...but I figure it can't hurt to ask. If possible can I pay for and get an extra barrel for a total of 220?
I'd like to get 3 racks of 1s, 2 racks of 5s and 1 rack of 25s please. On the 25s I'll take whichever version is in better condition if there is any discernible difference. Thank you!
How do the $1's compare to say the Tachi $1's? Similar, or are they all pretty rough like what's pictured?

The majestic star chips are leaded,unfortunately they are for the most part fairly used. That said they should shuffle like butter.
I believe just the Aniverary $25 are possibly not leaded material.
I have not handled Tachi palace chips but I believe they are a more modern formula and thus not leaded.
I have two big 36mm leaded sets from the majestic star, so adding a small 200/300/200/20 cash set makes sense for theming.
I had a PM asking for pics, which I sent, but I'm posting them here too. I had cleaned 1 barrel of $5's before thinking to get a before picture. 20 or so are the Baccroom's which are in much better shape than the others. Also a before and after pic of 5 each of the $1 and $5.



Perfect for a leaded Paulson 1000-chip limit set (2/4, 3/6) for ~ $300 shipped.

Not bad, considering some unleaded Paulson chips can cost 3x-4x as much for just a single rack....
I have noticed these chips do not come up for sale much here on PCF. Other chips seem to be flipped 50x
whats the difference between the anniversary and not? Also I want a rack of $5s.
I believe the non anniversary chips are weighted (you can see flecks on the edgespots) difference in leaded or not I am not 100% sure.

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