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Jul 16, 2015
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Chicago, IL
Hi all, just sign up on here.

-- and thanks for the love, Ben lol :)

I need 35 b/c I wasn't planning on ordering any more $5 chip but if I'm going to do sample packs, I need to get more b/c I don't want to cut into the 1,050 I have from my initial order. David @ CPC said I could order a min. of 35, $5 chips when I explained that I might be sending out sample packs. I think that's lower than the normal min. and he's just being nice.

I want to place the order next Friday so we'd have to hit the number next Thursday so I can increase my order.

Here’s the per-chip pricing:
$1 Chip
Level 9 + $.10 for daylgo base
$3.76 each

$2 Chip + $.10 for daylgo base + $.50 for bright white
Level 10
$4.48 each

$5 Chip
Level 6
$2.98 each

$25 Chip
Level 9 + $.10 for dayglo base
$3.76 each

Total = $14.98 for the chips + shipping. I’ll let ya know when I get the shipping situation figured out. If anyone has advice on the best way to handle the shipping, I'm all ears would appreciate it.

Please post the sample order requests here vs sending me a PM.


$1 - Black.png $1 - Gray.png $2 - Black.png $2 - Gray.png $5 - Black.png $5 - Gray.png $25 - Black.png $25 - Gray.png mm_mock_final.jpg
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I'm in for a set, thanks!

Awesome set... based on nothing other than the 3rd sentence in the OP I feel a bit like I was kicked in the nuts and threw up in my mouth a little bit (in a good way) when thinking of what you dropped on your set :)
I'm in for a set, thanks!

Awesome set... based on nothing other than the 3rd sentence in the OP I feel a bit like I was kicked in the nuts and threw up in my mouth a little bit (in a good way) when thinking of what you dropped on your set :)

Thank you sir. Haha, yeah the 8A14's really drove the price up. I've wanted that chip since I saw it on High Stakes Poker years ago.
I'd like a sample set, thanks.
how about some pr0n of the collection so far? love that $5.
I posted over on CT, that I would take a set, but if it helped meet the minimums I would purchase four or five total of the fives to help get them made.:D
Ditto, lemme know if you get close but can't get over the hump.
Thanks everyone for the compliments and offering to buy more than 1 to get to the # I need. The more I've been thinking about it, I'll prob just add the 35 of each chip to my order and then whoever wants a sample will get one -- and I'll also have extras on hand for myself :)

Also, I'm in Chicago so if anyone's within an hour of Chicago, I can just meet ya somewhere half way if you don't wanna pay shipping.

And I suspect that if he didn't already have 1000+ of those L6 $5 chips (made prior to the availability of many/most ultra-high spots), he'd be making new L9+ versions of them, too. Baller set.

Haha. Funny you should mention it b/c I was contemplating for a week or two about just redoing everything, and adding in shaped inlays. But the original 1,050 8A14s was $3,500 and if I placed another order for them with the Level 10 edge spot below and the shaped inlay, it would be $4,500 so just can't justify it. The Level 10 below also seemed a little to close of a pattern as my $2 chip. I also would have had to redo the size of the inlay b/c the shaped ones cut off some of my text.

Screen Shot 2015-07-18 at 2.07.47 PM.png
Awesome chips. In for one full sample set (on CT list already).
Just emailed David to send me an invoice lol so everyone will get a sample who wants one :) If anyone sees this thread down the line, after the original deadline of July 23, hit me up and I'll still send you a sample if I have any left. I'll probably keep 5 of each for myself so that's 30 samples. We're only around 10 or so sample requests now so plenty left. I should have them around mid-late October. I'll post the shipping costs once I figure it out. Thanks all.
I officially nominate myself for jacka** of the year :) for literally spending double for my set of chips. I want shaped inlays but if I were to add them to my $1, $2 and $25 chips, I would have to shrink the text, which means the $5s wouldn't match. So yep, re-ordering the 8A14's too -- and while I'm at it, I'm going to change the inlay design. This bumps the delivery to November b/c I am also changing to Jockey mold -- just FYI for those who ordered samples. Attached are the shaped inlays for each. Will post the new inlay design when it's finalized.

$1.png $2.png $5.png $25.png
An awesome set made even better. Kudos!
Man, I love the colors on these, and the no-expense spared approach to chip design. Can anybody point me to other custom sets that have a similar approach?
Finalized/submitted artwork! Was going to do two-sided inlay but decided to stick with one. Going to work with J5 on the poker table design now :)


  • mm2_mock_final.jpg
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Missed this somehow, but I'm really interested in samples if you have any left. The inlays are great, and I don't have any jockey molds.
Epic stuff; i absolutely love that $2 chip.

The combination of shaped inlay choice with spot choices on the $1 chip may be the very best I've ever seen anywhere, and the combo selected for the $25 chip runs a very close 2nd. Also a great combo job on the other two chips, even if not as readily apparent at first as the other two.

A lot of thought went into these designs; I hope it doesn't go unnoticed or unappreciated. Simply incredible work. Worth another view, and bigger:


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