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May 27, 2020
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I'm wanting to host some low stakes poker games to give some friends who are interested in poker a chance to try it out for a low cost. I was thinking a $20 buy in with 0.1/0.2 stakes. Does anyone who has played similar stakes have any suggestions for chip value designations at that level? I was thinking 0.1, 0.5, 2, 5 but open to anything else that people have found that works better.
personally at NL $20 i'd be doing .05/.10 with .05/.25/1/5

a good setup would be

100 * .05
200 * .25
200 * 1
100 * 5

others might suggest tweaks to the above
Thanks! You don't think 200 BB buy in would be a bit deep?
OK great thanks so much. I'll give it a go next poker night and see how it goes.
My game is similar stakes. We play 5¢/10¢, buyin $5-20. Most by in for $15 to $20. Unless your guys get really splashy, you probably won’t need 100 5’s. We’ve never had more than $200 on the table. I’ve also found that I could get by with fewer nickels.

5¢ x 80
25¢ x 200
$1 x 200
$5 x 20

That would probably do it for you, but if you add more fives, an maybe a barrel of $20’s, your set would work for .25/.25 as well.
Maybe add and optional .25 straddle, if your group wants to play a little bigger.
I ran a regular 8-10 person social 10¢/20¢ NLHE game with a $30 buy-in. Poker was the social stimulus- we had a lot of limping and low-bet calls chasing trash. Little strategy, several exciting moments and bad beats, a lot of fun.

I used 20/16/10 10¢/50¢/$2.

I typically had 2 re-buys, 2 leave an hour before game ended. Some change-making, but it was all good.
You could even reduce your chip needs to 400 by playing 0.25/0.25 and removing the nickels entirely. You'll get a lot more limping and see more flops, which is just fine for a social game that doesn't take itself too seriously. It could allow your budget to stretch further for better quality chips.

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