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Mar 2, 2020
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United States
I am looking to purchase a setup from my current chipset for a upcoming home cash game with 25/.50 blinds. I currently have Monte Carlos chips right now and am looking to spend around 200 on chips plus a case and/or a rack carrier. Any suggestions?

Welcome to the forum.
Could you please rewrite this part of the sentence? I don't understand what you want or why, or what you have.
"purchase a setup from my current chipset "
@asian bino Sure, sorry I was typing this on my phone and auto correct botched everything I wrote.

I currently have at this time Monte Carlo chips (1000) for my home poker games but I was looking to purchase some new chips that are somewhat of a higher quality for my home poker games, possibly china clay chips. I purchased a few sample sets from Apache poker chips (showdown and milanos) that should be arriving next week to see how I feel about those. I am mainly going to be playing low stakes games at home (25cent/50cent) maybe 1/1 later on, so I don't know if I would need that many chips so It may be worth it to purchase higher end chips. I was wondering if there were any chipsets around the price range of 100-300 dollars that are better quality than the monte carlo chips that I currently have at this time.

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