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Sep 29, 2017
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Could be tournament wins, tournament cashes, winning cash game sessions, etc. What was your best steak?
I actually went 19 cash games in a row profitable, shortly after I first started playing 1/3 ($200 cap at the time) live at the casino.

I managed to run up $200 into about $6000 and had my first ever bankroll lol.

I've not come remotely close to a run like that since :ROFL: :ROFLMAO:
I won about 6 or 7* PCF games in a row over a short stretch last year. It was epic, and the legend of Moxie Mike was born on that captivating weeklong extravaganza of PCF poker mayhem.

It was a glorious time. It was pandemonium! Women wanted to be with me. Men wanted to be me. Mrs. Moxie wanted me more than @MrCatPants. Colors seemed brighter. Food tasted better. All was right in the world and your humble hero could do no wrong for one magical week.

However... it was not all rainbows and roses for PCF's resident dragon-slayer. The legend has taken on many forms over the months and depending on who you ask, people will provide a much different account of what actually happened. Ask @BGinGA and without hesitation he will gleefully point out that while the streak happened as described he was absent from competition during the entire streak and we would have had a much different outcome had he been involved. @Beakertwang will tell you it was all luck (to be fair he also says this when he wins) and @davin might suggest that the winning period I experience was because his lucky 5-leaf clover was in the repair shop being mended from a freak skiing accident.

Couldashouldawoulda... go whine to your grandma.

The streak stands nonetheless. There were many fallen soldiers along the way - countless (ok like 10 or 11) valiant warriors such as @toynoob @AK Chip @bsdunbar1 @Highli99 @doughboy63 @binisha @Chris La Mantia and @IaHawk to name a few - worthy adversaries whom despite promises of riches consisting of gold and silverware and 72 virgins were mercilessly vanquished to poker-purgatory in one-deftly wielded dagger-strike after another by yours truly. The accepted figure is that Moxie Mike registered 443 KOs during that lethal 7 day stretch. Some say it's higher. Others say it's A LOT higher. We'll probably never know, since only the abyss that is the heavily-guarded PokerStars' hand-history archives can reveal the true number.

And then it ended on a coin flip horrific suckout by the villainous, diabolical Brutus Erik - and the legend of Moxie Mike and his even-more-legendary-like streak of 6 or 7* straight PCF sit-n-gos victories came to an end - seemingly as quickly as it began.

People who were there only wish they'd realized the history they were witnessing in real time. For now it is only folklore. But those who know, know.

In terms of the history of mankind's incredible, never-to-be-seen again streaks, there's:

DiMaggio's 56
Ripken's 2,632
The Grim Reaper's 101,823,563,002+++ (counting cavemen, cro-magnon man and a rough estimate of the number of flies I've slain with my Bug-a-Salt)
Moxie Mike's 6 or 7*.

*I can't remember if it was 6 or 7. I'd say it was 6.5 to be fair - but no one like a pedant... Right @WedgeRock?
Craps/Poker - Best 3 hour session ever. I'm superstitious and will usually only play if I can get the spot left of the stickman at a table with only a few other players. So I find this empty table at Bally's in the 90s after milling around for awhile. Made some toke bets from the start while some lady at the other end had the dice, just us so far. I play pass line and come bets with full odds covering 3 numbers plus place bets on the 6 & 8 if they aren't already covered 5X odds. I never saw the dice. She hit point after point plus many 6 & 8 as place bets for hits. Rolled several outside numbers too. Bally's kept checking dice and trying to slow it down...hahaha. I wondered out loud how many points she hit and the boxman grumbled "17". Best part, my wife rolled up shortly into it asked what was going on as it was getting loud. So I color up and we rolled to the Mirage. She wanted to drink and there was a bar next to the poker room. They had an $85 dollar SNG I was able to join. After sitting it was clear many of these guys knew each other so I figured I was in trouble of getting squeezed. Ran like a god. Flopped trip 3s early on a AK3 board and had a nice stack. A few hands later flopped a straight and knock a couple guys out. Ended up heads up against an 18 year old kid on his birthday. Won the whole thing in about 45 minutes and back to the bar.
My best streak so far is 16 wins in a row playing 2-5. average win was around 1500. I also had a table share of a bad beat jackpot in there for about 4k.

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