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Jul 9, 2024
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Greetings from the North East.

After stumbling across Chris Manzoni’s YouTube channel about a year ago where he shares some great advice about hosting home poker games (and references this site), I have finally registered for an account!

I have had a cheap poker chip set since college, but after teaching my kid to play and getting ready to host some friendly cash games, I decided to order some Pharaoh's chips from Apache. I took the advice of many people here and Chris, who encouraged getting sample sets to truly see what chips are like in person. The Pharoah’s won and feel like a reasonable expense for how often I plan on playing.

This site has been tremendously helpful in pointing me in the right direction and look forward to learning more.
Welcome! Hide your wallet from yourself now...
Haha! I have gathered this hobby can get expensive. Already cutting my credit cards.

Welcome to the forum !!!
Thank you!

Welcome to PCF!
Thank you!

Thank you!

Welcome to the community !
Thank you!

Welcome to the community !
Hello and welcome to PCF!
Thank you!

Stay away from Paulsons chips.
Some say they’re even leaded sometimes, and very harmful for body and wallet!

But i would take the risk.

Have fun!

I must say i have had many good nights using CC from Apache. I have Royals and Majestics which we love to play with. A few Paulson chips are here but I am no trillionaire @Tonysquander ( I envy your collection). More for collecting than play.

The crowd here will give an honest opinion if you reach out. Everyone has been very supportive since my joining and they are willing to share their advice and opinion,

Buy samples and join group buys if you want to add to your collection. Keep an eye on the classifieds if your wallet is fat.

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