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Nov 6, 2014
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santa cruz, ca

I wasn't even aware the Riviera was closing or I might have attempted to get more chips. Now the prices are ass crazy, but they will come down again. I started buying in January of 2008. The .50, 1's and 2's were semi-easy to get, but now I wish I got more 2's. The 5's were a slow building process. Anyway, I lost my prime 50mm lens , so the pics are not that great, but I need to put them down in history. Dealer button was J5 and Chipshippie

riviera 008.jpg riviera 008.jpg riviera 011.jpg riviera 015.jpg riviera 024.jpg riviera 029.jpg riviera 032.jpg riviera 037.jpg riviera 040.jpg riviera 043.jpg riviera 057.jpg riviera 059.jpg riviera 062.jpg riviera 066.jpg riviera 068.jpg riviera 073.jpg riviera 074.jpg riviera 076.jpg riviera 082.jpg riviera 086.jpg
That set is beautiful. I have been toying with the idea of trying to get a couple hundred of those $1's for a mixed set. I think they are awesome.
great lookin' set Frank....were all of those chips live up until the closing?
Hey Doug, ( the man I bought the 50 centers from to start the whole process) .
I know they had a newer 5, so not sure if they were using the old 5's too. I doubt they were using 50cent, but others were live
That set is beautiful. I have been toying with the idea of trying to get a couple hundred of those $1's for a mixed set. I think they are awesome.

the dollars are very beautiful in person. I saw a rack for sale on eBay for 229
Another amazing set you got there.
Your pictures are superb, even without the lens you mention.
I like all the chips of this Casino, in particular the $ 5
Thanks for sharing :)

(Are the chips on top roulette chips ? Edit, prOn seen on my laptop, I got my answer)
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I love large collections of live chips, even if the Riviera is now dead. Those inlays weren't ever going to win a beauty contest, making this collection even less likely.

Great set!
The 50c chips were live a couple of years ago anyways. I snagged a barrel or so when I visited.

Nice work on all the vegas sets, ovo!

Beautiful set! Thost edges look crispy too. The dark blue $2 chips with the gold host stamps look cool. Interesting light blue with the contrasting orange on those 1's.
Would love to see how the set has progressed!
started building it in Jan 2008 when I bought a rack of .50 chips from @RagsPoker . I was just trying to put together a mixed Casino set, from vegas strip, with casinos that were around pre 70's, but each one of those casinos branched off into a set over the years. Then found a dealer that went to vegas to get racks and got two racks of dollars and a rack of 2's , some 5's , added 5's and other stuff from eBay over the years. Set is up over 2700 chips, so I guess I do need up to date pics, just no time to do it, but maybe when I retire.

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