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Jan 14, 2024
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I'm contemplating a limit set if the games go down well with my group.

I'm thinking 600 betting chips and 100 value chips for 6 max, 2/4 chip structure.

Rather than locking into a set of limits I'm thinking about the betting chip being a non denom and the value chips being 'x20'.

Any thoughts on this approach?
Top one is BRPro and bottom is CPC.

I use both for my 6 max games. 2 racks or 3 racks each.

Works great. I created a non-denom chip for my set. I then use an appropriate denominated big chip for rebuys.

Love my non-denom set. 1/2 pie betting chip on left, 1/2 pie 214 value chip on right.

No need to put any values on them. At my games, there are 800 betting chips on the table before the first value chip comes out. I tell the players that each value chip is worth 20 betting chips, and they get it.


Having said that… as part of the same CPC order, I included a small number of chips to test a potential $5 design for another set, using a different take on the same card room name. So… if we’re playing $1/$2 limit and it’s late, we haven’t yet used the value chip, I’m tired, and I don’t feel like doing math, then I use the $5 chip as the value chip instead. It’s 10x the betting chip, but in this case it’s a good thing as I don’t need to explain either the value or the difference with the usual value chip (20x).


So yeah… I recommend you a) don’t add “20x,” just use a different chip, or b) use an appropriate denom chip from your cash set like @Shaggy does. Both options work.
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I have 1200 purple and 200 black 8V China clays waiting to be labled exactly this way. Annny day nowwww.....

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