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Apr 8, 2015
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Hi All -

I'm close to completing a tournament set of Le Paulson Noir chips. I know they are tough to come by but I'm hoping someone on this site can help me out. I'm looking for 20 - $5,000 chips.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Apparently Omahahaha sold his set which included 60 of the $5000's you're looking for. The buyer is breaking up the set and selling it off in bits. He's listed $5's and $25's on eBay so far. I'm guessing this is his auction.


You can write to him directly to see if he's going to list the $5000's. It's a long shot as I'm guessing he bought the whole set for the big denominations and is now selling off the lower ones he doesn't need. But can't hurt to ask.
Th14 -

I actually purchased 40 of the $1,000's from him. I sent him an email inquiring about the $5,000's but still haven't received a reply. I will shoot him another email.

I appreciate the info.
Hope it helps.

To clarify, did you buy 40 from Omahahaha or from the current eBay seller?

I included a link to the CT thread that looks like it got deleted from post. Was I not supposed to crosslink? Whoops. You can go over there and search for the thread if you need.
I'm not sure about the crosslink.

I purchased them from the current seller, who purchased them from nyccolumbialion. Not sure if that is Omahahaha's eBay name or not.
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