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Don Clay

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Apr 24, 2013
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Hi all,

I discovered Texas Hold'em rules during 2009, and got in possession of my first Paulson chips in August 2010 (PCA of course).
I've bought many and sold (too) many in 2011 & 2012.
I had to sell a few racks this winter, here are all my sets.

PCA cash set -mint- (Various Mold):
200 x $.25 (suit mold / apache edition)
200 x $1 (rhc mold / primary ed.)
100 x $5 (thc mold / secondary ed)
100 x $25 (thc mold / secondary ed)

Terribles cash set -mint- (rhc mold)
100 x $.50 (St Joseph Casino, primary ed)
100 x $1 (Mark Twain Casino, secondary ed)
100 x $5 (Mark Twain Casino, secondary ed)
20 x $25 (St Joseph Casino, primary ed, Nmint, cherrypicked by Jim)
10 x $25 (Mark Twain Casino, secondary ed)

Terribles Roulettes -mint- (roulette mold)
100 x Russet (Mark Twain Casino)
100 x Blurple (St Joseph Casino)
100 x Sherbert Orange (Mark Twain Casino)
100 x Mauve (St Joseph Casino)
100 x Day blue (Mark Twain Casino)
98 x Peach (St Joseph Casino)

Empress Tourney Set -used- (THC mold, scv & lcv mixed)
102 x $25 primary (exellent condition)
110 x $100 secondary (gc)
50 x $500 secondary (vgc)
51 x $1000 secondary (excellent)

Grand Victoria Roulettes -mint- (roulette mold)
100 x Arc Yellow
140 x Petunia
40 x Lilac
40 x Metallic gold
40 x Daisy

Coming up : foggy pictures !
Welcome in la chicha Club !


Don Clay


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Somehow I missed this thread. Doh! Very nice Mr. Clay. :)

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