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Mar 26, 2013
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Yikes! It's noon on September 30. That means you have only 12 hours to enter the Key West Resort & Casino's September contests.

This month, how about we allow entries via PM here on PCF? Answer the contest questions in a PM (so you don't give your answer to everyone). Answer correctly, and you're entered to win $25 in Key West chips, cards, or other items or $25 in cash. The drawing is tomorrow evening at 8 p.m. EDT, and we'll post a winner here, too.

This month's VIP contest questions:

Our September Key Club contest question comes from the Old West, where, we've heard, they occasionally engaged in gambling. When he wasn't wearing the badge of a U.S. Marshal, famous gunfighter Wyatt Erp worked as a card dealer in saloons. What game did he deal?

If you know the answer, PM dennis63 here on Poker Chip Forum by midnight tonight and you'll be entered. (If your answer is not correct, you'll be notified by return e-mail and can keep trying until you get a correct answer and are entered, as only correct answers count as entries in our contest.

Everyone here is encouraged to enter, as all Poker Chip Forum members are also members of the Key West's "Key Club," where we reward members with discounts, free shipping days, monthly contest and prizes, real "comps" of free items with your order, and access to limited-quantity special items and packages.

You never need to buy anything to enter our contests, and winning one contest does not bar you from entering, so everyone can enter every contest.

Thanks for entering, and good luck!
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The answer to this question is the game of Faro. We have several correct entries from PCF, and will be drawing for the prize at 8 p.m. tonight.

Good luck, and thank you for entering.

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Congratulations to CdnBeerLover, who won the September Key Club contest by correctly answering our trivia question this month. CdnBeerLover knew that Wyatt Erp dealt the card game "faro" in saloons in the Old West.

He can collect his prize in Key West merchandise, casino credit or cash, and, like all prizes at the Key West, shipping or delivery of the prize is always free.

CdnBeerLover, you're in luck at the Key West!
Congrats to the winner!
Thanks for having these cool contests too.
While I'm a horrible photographer, since you insist...

Here's what was in the mail. Won't show you my wife's reaction (something akin to "uhhh...didn't you just buy 1400 ceramics?")...


I won't show the foam peanuts, but the chips were well protected. There was also a letter from Dennis (very nice touch).

And all of the goodies!


Some thoughts
- I have to say that I'm not really a fan of ASM chips, mostly because the samples I have from other sets feel too light to me. While these are still light, these are some of the nicest looking chips I have seen. They are very classy.

- The pictures don't really do the chips justice, just because of the lighting. I'll try to get better pictures.

- I have a few ASM samples. So far, this mold is my favorite "feeling" mold.

- I like the solids more than the denominated chips (I'm weird like that...). The only real thought I had was that I expected the yellow to be brighter, but that's probably just because I'm smitten with the yellow GCR chips I've seen in other sets. Would also love to see a charcoal chip, but I understand why there isn't one.

- The dealer buttons are very well done.

All in all, these are really nice chips. Dennis was also very responsive and great to deal with. Do yourself a favor, and jump on the sample offer.

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Dave - Thanks for the great post and pics. When I got my first set of Key West samples, I felt the same way about the weight, as I had been using Paulson Classics up to that point. So if you're use to 10-gram Paulsons, you'll notice a slight difference in the weight of these chips. If you handle ASM chips exclusively for awhile, you can grab five chips and tell the count from the weight.

Joe Daly at Palm Gaming International -- another PCF vendor -- did the dealer buttons for me. He's fantastic to deal with -- very responsive, professional and fast, and their products are all top quality. (J5 Design did the art for the buttons.)

Thanks again for posting.
Thanks for posting the pics. Yeah, the Key West line is very nice. Great colors.

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