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Oct 26, 2016
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As purchased from the Chip room sale, selling at cost including shipping. All chips are on the THC mold except the $3, which is RHC.

Lake Elsinore $1: 210
Lake Elsinore $2: 205
Lake Elsinore $3: 105
Lake Elsinore $5: 205
Lake Elsinore $25: 25

No splits. Total of 750 chips. Price $1065 includes CONUS shipping. Payment by PPFF.
I'll take the $5s and $25s if split. Might take the whole works if I don't come to my senses.

Just curious, why are you selling? It's not even 24 hours since the sale. Here's hoping you're alright.
Are these direct from the Chip Room? Haven't been delivered anywhere yet?
I wouldn’t list chips I don’t have in hand. maybe that’s just me tho
As long as the seller guarantees the money back if they get lost in a hurricane before they reach him or his reshipper, I don't see anything wrong with selling them before having them in hand.
I would assume this to be the case for pretty much anyone in good standing on here.
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