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Nov 12, 2014
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Hey Everyone,

We got our first official order in the queue for Indiana Grand I guess it's time to tell all y'all what info I will need to get you into the queue.

Much like all our replica/tribute artwork (JACK/Horseshoe) we don't make EXACT replicas...
We will insist on at least one small change to the fine print on the label.

Examples of changes that can be made that will look the same at a quick glance:
  • Change the city to anywhere you want other than Shelbyville.
  • Change the words under Indiana Grand to something like "Racing . Cardroom"
  • Change the words under Indiana Grand to only say "Poker Room"
  • Remove the words under Indiana Grand altogether.
And as always, you can change it up completely. Remove all small fine print all together, or put in "Unser's Room" instead...the choices are endless.

Information to put in your email to
  • Quantity of chips being labeled per denomination.
  • If you are over-labeling or doing a full inlay replacement.
  • If this is your first order with us, let us know your PCF username
The above info will get you into the queue - then I will ask you all the follow up questions:
  • If Inlay replacement - confirm you want smooth laminate to match the other chips as closely as possible.
  • What exact chip will you be putting these labels on? (important for size and colour match)
  • What faux shape will you want?
  • What text do you want to change up, and to what?
  • What denomination do you want? (be specific)
Items of note that are worth mentioning and reviewing.
  • Under no circumstances will we reproduce security features. Micro-Dots and wingding symbols will not be added to our artwork.
  • Remember about colour matching fluorescents, it can't be printed to match perfectly, so choose your target chips with that in mind.
  • Pick a faux shape, we are not limited to the shapes below, if you don't see what you want send along a picture example of what you DO want.
  • I won't be taking orders via PM in PCF. Send an email to to get your orders started.
If you have questions post them in this thread and one of us will clarify.

GL - Flourescent Colours will not match.JPG Faux Shaped Inlays.JPG
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